Decoding the Secrets of Great Minds

Decoding the Secrets of Great Minds

It is Sunday today, and a day to break your daily routine. I don’t know guys what routine you stick to but I follow a certain routine except on Sundays when I have to do major home chores like washing clothes, cleaning, and taking care of my dog’s cleaning too. 

But why the Daily Routine?

Once I read a quote of Aristotle which says, “We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Following a routine has become more of a necessity than a choice today. Imagine yourself getting up without a plan or goals to follow in a day. A life without daily routine or structure is so much more draining mentally, physically, and emotionally than you can imagine. It won’t take you long farther.

Without a routine, life just happens to you. The day either gets wasted as you try to decide what to do next or you find yourself immersed in useless activities. Routine helps you organize your life and achieve your goals.

I feel the difference between excellence and average minds is routine they follow. Routines are the secret behind achieving greatness in whatever you do. You don’t spend your time thinking too much about daily structures.

Poet W.H. Auden recommended a routine approach to better work:

“Decide what you want or ought to do with the day, then always do it at exactly the same moment every day, and passion will give you no trouble.”

Poet W.H. Auden

That’s called programming your mind to do certain tasks every day until it comes naturally to you effortlessly. A lot of great minds depend on predictable daily routines as a safe place for work.  

Ernest Hemingway, one of my favorite writers tracked his daily word output on a chart “so as not to kid myself”, he said.

Not only daily routines make you more efficient as a person in whatever you do, but also it sorts a rhythm in your life that pleases you at the end of the day.

Talking about some great scientists, Einstein apparently slept contentedly for up to 10 hours a night. In addition to that, he’d take several naps during the day to relax his mind. Also, it was his daily habit to play the violin every day to extend his horizon of thinking about his projects.

Modern lives and Daily Routines

Decoding the Secrets of Great Minds

Modern lives increasingly defined by unpredictability can be stressful and unorganized. People mindlessly scroll hours in social media or spend hours in a day watching Netflix and chilling. I don’t understate these activities but they will be more efficient if done with purpose and in an organized way. For social media, I spend half an hour or more after dinner in reading posts and captions of people I admire. I love that also.

A productive routine can provide you an arena of opportunities like reading books, watching good movies, painting, cooking, or gyming along with your daily job and work routine.

Pablo Picasso once said: “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no route to success.”

History’s greatest minds optimized their daily lives to get on top of their games. Routine was their secret decoded. So, you must make most of your day. Do allow yourself to relax on Sundays and do other activities like shopping, washing, etc too.

“Make it a habit to follow a habit.”

Thank you for reading!

See you on next Sunday!

Swati Omprakash

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1 year ago

Very easy to understand and get the point.. Written in a very simple yet routined way… Thank you Swati.. Read on Monday instead 🙂

1 year ago


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