Sushant Singh Rajput: “Why I won’t call him just an Actor but a Hero”

Sushant Singh Rajput quotes

The last 15 days were so heavy and full of emotions for all of us accepting the unexpected reality. I have spent almost 1-2 hours every day watching and reading about this person. He was never my favorite actor until he lived and after his death, the more I am watching him, the more I am loving him as a person, as an actor, as a perfectionist, as a seeker, as an innocent child.

Truly his death was shocking but let’s forget about his death and focus on the years he lived.

He was born in Patna in 1986 in a middle-class family. Completing his education from Patna and achieving All India 7th rank in AIEEE of 2003 batch, he took admission in engineering college in Delhi.

While doing his engineering, he started participating in theatres and taking dance classes. He was enjoying his time in acting, rehearsing and dancing. In fact, he had backlogs too when he decided to quit engineering in his third year and pursue acting and dancing full time.

He threw himself completely to his passion and followed it religiously. Of course, he was very sincere in whatever he chose to pursue whether it is engineering or acting. He always had a knack of giving his 100% to whatever job he has in his hands.

He left his engineering in 2006 and after 2 years of struggle in Mumbai theatres, he landed a small role in a tv serial in 2008 where he was quickly noticed by big tv director and thus landing him a lead role in 2009 in Pavitra Rishta.

While earning handsomely with his tv series, one day he decided to quit tv-series and join a film making course abroad in 2011. After this, he started giving auditions for various films and landed a role in 2013 for his debut movie Kai Po Che. And the rest of it is the history you know.

I detailed all this to highlight the risk-taking ability of this man. His aims were too high and he was brave enough to follow them. And not just ambitious, he was a very generous person. Several times, he had donated hefty amounts to governments of the affected regions of floods, etc.

Sushant Singh Rajput Happy days

He was a lively person in his real life and probably the first-ever Bollywood personality who followed back his fans on Instagram. I was also one of his followers for the last 3-4 years and had noticed how he used to reply to comments of people. I used to admire his modesty and politeness. His captions were heavily loaded with emotions and brains. And I bet you, you cannot decode his tweets.

What do I talk about him? His book reading passion or his childlike curiosity to watch the sky, locate the constellations and stars, Or his love for writing poetry, or studying physics, though not a student of any university, he used to do coding, know the theories and formulas of physics.

In fact, one of his fans meeting him at the airport took him as a physics teacher for a while. He was so good at it. Whatever he loved, he pursued it with all his heart. Name any philosopher whether English or Indian, he would have already read them.

And he was dedicated so much towards his interest in cosmos that he brought a land over the moon. You can call him crazy about this but sometimes crazy people are the ones making histories. Forget his death, but never forget his life. He is truly a person worth your admiration.

Achieving so much in little time, yet he looked a simple person. His eyes looked so pure. I am sure he would be one of the brightest stars in the sky. He was too good for this world, too pure and too kind.

Learn everything you can learn from this person’s life. Such geniuses are rare.

Remember the years he lived and the things he taught to us. Words will never be enough to describe him.

See you next Sunday with another blog.

Thank you for reading!
Swati Omprakash

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1 year ago

Aside from an actor, Sushant was an awesome person. His personality was so bright, it helped shine other people shine. I just can’t imagine the pain he had to deal with to take such decision. There is a lot of rumors and more going on. All I can say is that I will miss him. He will always be remembered.

Nadeem Ahmed
Nadeem Ahmed(@nadeem-ahmed82)
1 year ago

I usually get the first hand experience to read all your blogs, but this time I couldn’t read it right then. It’s so common for us to remember the worst incident of someone else’s life and easy to forget all the amazing things that one did. Probably because we are so shaken up their last moments. I have personally never followed him as an actor and I can’t claim to know more about it. After reading, I could ascertain that he has never shied away from going after his dreams. You are right about the risk taking ability, as they… Read more »

saurabh jaiswal
saurabh jaiswal
1 year ago

Shocked and Shattered 💔
Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide
Can’t believe he’s the same actor who taught about dealing with suicidal thoughts in his film #Chhichhore

Shalini jha
Shalini jha
1 year ago

Beautiful article

1 year ago

Thanks for this beautiful article. Very few fortunate people who follow their passion and convert it into their profession and I believe you’re one of them. Appreciate your good work. Keep growing 🙂

Hare ram chourasia
1 year ago

Really really , it was too gd for me.. I dnt knw why … may be I love patna city or I lived in patna, meet the people …Many more reasons…
Specially thanks to u dear swati for the article of my fvrt sushant singh rajput

Really I m so happy to read it….

I can’t explain…


Abdul khader Jeelan
Abdul khader Jeelan
1 year ago

Today too early… asusual 👌👌👌…I’m reading ur blog here itself…in this website…not using insta🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️…

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